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Use your sewing skills to give back to the community.

There are many reasons to get out your sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hooks, etc.  We like to make things for ourselves because being creative and using our unique skills brings a sense of satisfaction.  Using these same skills to assist those in need also brings satisfaction.  Listed here are charities that need volunteers with needlework skills.

Click the links to read more about each organisation and how to sign up as a volunteer.

The Australian Sewing Guild supports organisations that are registered charities


Angel Gowns Australia Incorporated is a nationally registered charity and not-for-profit organisation.  They hope to touch the hearts of all Australians, especially those who have experienced the unimaginable death, illness or disability of their baby or child. They are a 100% volunteer organisation and rely heavily on the community to be able to continue offering their services at no charge.

Volunteers with sewing experience are needed to create tiny baby gowns from donated wedding dresses.  All patterns are provided.  Visit their website to learn more.


Every girl in the world deserves education, safety and dignity.  Days for Girls helps girls gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, by direct distribution of hygiene kits, by partnering with non-profits and organisations, by raising awareness and by helping communities around the world start their own programs.  Thanks to a global grassroots network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on 6 continents, they have reached women and girls in 75+ countries.


The Handmade with Love project donates handmade soft toys and quilts to babies, children and teenagers at the Sydney Children's Hospital.  The materials used must be new, but it is up to the sewer what pattern or design they use. Patterns are available on their website. Items can be made individually or with a group.  See website for groups, patterns and delivery options


Little Wonder is the Parents’ Fundraising and Support Committee for the Royal Prince Alfred (RPA) Newborn Intensive Care Unit.

RPA Newborn Care in Sydney NSW provides the highest level of neonatal intensive care available in Australia. 

RPA Newborn Care looks after more than 950 sick and premature babies each year and not only do they provide intensive care services for babies born at RPA but also for babies transferred from hospitals that don’t have the same high level of intensive care facilities.


Uniforms 4 Kids is an innovative program repurposing donated law enforcement and emergency services uniforms into beautiful and unique clothes for children in need.  Recipients are any child who has a need no matter who they are or where they are located.  This is an opportunity for front line officers, other emergency services personnel and wildlife offers to connect with children and families in ways they are not usually able to do.  In turn, this creates a broad trust relationship that serves to engage with and protect children and families

Uniforms 4 Kids needs volunteers with sewing experience to transform uniforms that would otherwise become landfill.

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