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Browse the convention brochure and select the events you want to attend.  If you are an ASG member, make sure you have your Member ID number ready before you start booking.  Where do you find it?  

      • Log into the website using your email address and password
      • Click the 'person' icon and select View profile
      • Scroll down the page to find the User ID field and make a note of the 8-digit number
      • Having trouble finding it?  Contact

Book your selected events.  If you are booking multiple events you can add them all to your shopping cart before paying.  

      1. Select your first event by clicking on the name in the list below.
      2. Choose the appropriate ticket (member or non-member), where applicable.
      3. Enter the required information, including name, address and email address. A shopping cart is created for you.
      4. Come back to this page and select your next event.  
      5. Choose the appropriate ticket.  It will be automatically added to your shopping cart.
      6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until you have booked all events.
      7. Complete payment details.

Planning a workshop free day?  You can still take part in morning / afternoon teas and lunch by purchasing a Day Package. 

Choose day             Delegate Day Package    


14 to 16 October  Sewing Machine Hire

14 to 16 October  Overlocker Hire


13 October            Fabric Shopping Tour

13 October             Cultural Tour

WORKSHOPS  (All workshop fees include the day package)

14 October             Denim Tote Bag

14 October             Create Your Own Luxury Fabric (Felting)

14 October             Knit Tops That Fit

14 October             Zero Waste Tie-Front Top

14 & 15 October   Smart Casual Sample Jacket

14 to 16 October  Personalised Trouser Pattern-Making

15 October             Gala Dinner

15 October             Zero Waste Sleeveless Dress/Pinafore

15 October             Handy Sewing Tidy

15 & 16 October    Alabama-Inspired Applique Vest

15 & 16 October    Luscious Leather Tote Bag (Don't forget to purchase a kit)

16 October             Modern Heirloom Sewing

16 October             Sit 'n' Sew

16 October             Luxurious Silk Camisole

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